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As an intuitive painter, Jen infuses her art with an energy than can be felt, not just seen. Her abstract paintings combine deep texture with an unconventional pallette resulting in an emotionally evocative image. 

My Story

Throughout my life, I have 'created' art. Most of the time it was for other people or projects: billboards, murals, set designs, backdrdops, props, children's crafts, art classes, etc. In 2018 I decided to begin painting for enjoyment, my personal pleasure. After about a year, I experienced some medical difficulties. I chose to sell some of my artwork to pay for medical expenses. I was surprised at how responsive people were to my paintings and how they seemed to connect to the movement and the colors. So I continued creating and selling my original artwork both for my personal therapy and for the enjoyment of others.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to collaborate and create! Let's connect.

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